Complaints Policy


Ensure that the Foundation responds promptly, transparently and respectfully to complaints by stakeholders. 


Complaint: an expression of dissatisfaction about service, actions or lack of action by the Foundation as an organization or by staff or volunteers acting on behalf of the foundation.


This policy applies to all Foundation staff and volunteers.


In the interest of all parties complaints will be addressed promptly and appropriately. 

The Foundation will ensure that review of complaints is fair, impartial and respectful to all parties.

The VP, Stewardship & Operations will ensure a robust, centralized complaint process is in place.

Complainants will be advised of their options to escalate their complaint to a more senior person if they are dissatisfied with treatment or outcome. Ultimately, should a complainant be unsatisfied with the result, they will be advised that their complaint will be reported to Imagine Canada and be provided with the information required for them to also report the complaint directly should they wish.

Complainants will be provided clear and understandable reasons for decisions relating to complaints.

Complainants will be provided with timely updates during any required review process.

The Foundation will keep a database of complaints received and outcomes.

The Foundation Management will review complaints on a timely basis and are expected to use them to assist in improving services, policies and procedures to prevent or mitigate future issues.

Confidentiality of complainants will be respected at all times.

A summary of complaints and outcomes will be reported to the Foundation Board at each meeting. In addition, all complaints and outcomes will be reported to Foundation Board annually. The annual report will include the number, type and disposition of complaints received, as well as a year over year comparison of complaints.

Complaints falling within the parameters measured by Imagine Canada will be reported to them as required to maintain membership.


There are no exceptions.

Click here to download Southlake Foundation's Complaints Policy as a PDF.